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The Pakistan Air Force Finishing School is a stepping stone for young ladies who wish to leave an imprint on society. It is a threshold facilitating their entry into practical life.

However, the Finishing School, in spite of this inevitable role, is not just a preparatory by-station. It promises so much more. It helps to open new vistas of learning, of unfolding the open-ended potential reservoirs of the mind and the heart, of projecting dreams and fantasies into the realm of reality. For a school of this caliber it is not sufficient to just facilitate the learning process --- rather the aim is to develop a sophisticated taste for it! In the context of student's achievement, all efforts are directed towards the attainment of a harmonious and well-rounded personality; a healthy blend of your Islamic values and traditional Eastern culture.

The PAF Finishing School is run by a professional team of tutors, who are single minded in their resolve to draw high achievement performance from these young women. They take their commitment as both academically challenging and personally rewarding.

As a result of sheer hard work and sincerity of purpose, displayed by the PAF ladies, PAFWA was bestowed with an Emblem in 1979. Subsequently, PAFWA was also given an Alam in April, 1980 for achieving the desired objectives under one umbrella.

The intensive course offered at the PAF Finishing School is ideal for young women who are students, professionals or otherwise, and are ready to step into the work place or wish to get married and settle down to a domesticated life. It could also benefit married girls and young mothers enormously.

Our VISION is to be recognized as a successful, responsive and dynamic Finishing School committed to preparing the young women of today for the challenges of tomorrow.

Last Updated : 31 January, 2018