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The course has a central emphasis on hands-on experience and an almost total rejection of the conventional method of teaching. At the PAF Finishing School, the students are introduced to a new metaphor of learning, whereby they assume responsibilities for their own learning in a highly practical way.

The school provides the students a qualitative exposure to the larger world of ideas and processes in our society. The students thus practically come to grips with the issue of the modern world in a spirit of confidence and equality.


Parents may seek appointment with the Director if there are any concerns regarding their wards.

A set of rules and regulations for the PAF Finishing School is specified in the prospectus. Parents are requested to ensure that their daughters understand that they will be bound by these rules.

Parents and students should arrange to visit the school prior to commencement of the course, on the specified date, for a conducted tour.

As part of the curriculum, students are required to undertake educational excursions. Parents are requested to appreciate the relevance and need for such trips. Parents need to take a keen interest in their daughter's development and progress at the PAF Finishing School. Any feedback to the school in this context would be welcome.


PAF Finishing School conducts two sessions yearly. The Spring and Autumn Sessions. Each is of approximately nineteen weeks duration.


The Graduation Ceremony is held at the conclusion of the session. The Finishing School issues certificate, to those students who successfully complete the entire course. The Finishing School Certificate is a value added document for the young ladies.

Last Updated : 21 December, 2016